Other Languages
ICPR 1200 Limited is open to further
development of its support service
resources from all territories around the
world, dependent upon regional availability.

The affiliation programme is specific
only to
the following services:

Specifically international shipping (air &
sea), transportation, customs brokerage,
warehousing and full service companies.


Specifically corporate law specialists,
contract law specialists, intellectual property
specialists and international business law
specialists. Preference is given to bilingual
(English +) firms.


Specifically firms specialising in tax law, tax
reporting / filing and corporation tax.


Specifically companies specialising in
translation and localisation of corporate
materials, contracts and legal
documentation, as well as interpreter


Specifically companies providing domestic
(own territory) company formation services
(including branch offices).


Specifically companies providing
administrative services (own territory). We do
not however wish to develop the affiliation
programme with call centre companies.

IMPORTANT : We do stress at this point that
we do not wish to develop affiliation with
software companies that seek to sell, or
resell, business assistance applications
(i.e. accounting, project management etc.),
nor any form of automated response
services, recruitment agencies etc. We also
stress that affiliates will not receive data, nor
any other information contained within ICPR
1200 Limited databases, and will only be
provided with opportunities specifically
requested by clients.


In order to request affiliation to ICPR 1200
Limited, we must request that you complete
the Affiliation Application Form. The form
may be obtained via either of the following

Download Affiliation Application Form
This form is a PDF document and clicking this link
will provide the option of direct download to your
hard drive or opening as a PDF document. Should
you be unable to open or view this file for any
reason, please use the
Request Form below, stating
any description of the problem, and any alternative
software for your system. Options for alternative
software will be limited to Office based software or
PDF documents.

Request Application Form
This link will open a message from your default
e-mail programme. Please indicate in your text
which software you prefer to receive the file.
Options for software will be limited to Office based
software or PDF documents. If no preference is
stated you will receive the default PDF document.


Pages 1 - 2 provides an overview of
affiliation programme and the commission

Page 3 of the Affiliation Application Form
consists of the basic data required to meet
ICPR 1200 Limited Affiliate criteria, and must
be completed in full.

Pages 4 - 8 state the Terms and Conditions
of affiliation, as well as the Code of Conduct.
We strongly urge you to read these
conditions in full.

Page 8 must be signed by two (2)
designated contacts for the affiliate
company, as well as one of a company
authorised signatory / Director / responsible
person in order that we may ensure correct
permission from your company.

Please be very sure as to the designated
contacts for your affiliation, as ICPR 1200
Limited will only communicate with these
individuals. How you delegate dispersal of
these communications within your own
company is entirely down to your own
discretion, however, for the protection of
ICPR 1200 Limited and its clients, we will
not respond to any individual other than the
designated contacts, regardless of position.

Please also note that each application will
only be accepted for single registered
entities and may not be utilised for groups of
companies within the same affiliation.

Should you have any questions regarding
this process, please use the Request
Application Form link.

PlatformOne KK

A “launch platform” in Japan for independent businesses or market entrants from outside of Japan. Services
covering: Representative Director, NED, Business Development.

Contact us with your requirements.

OIJ Business Planners Consultancy Services

Provides business consultancy services for local and international companies venturing into the Philippine-Market.  
Services include: Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Market/Industry Research Reports for major local and foreign

Contact us with your requirements.

Change Management Japan (CMJ)

CMJ's mission is to help clients manage changes and provide support to achieving their goals. Our team of
experienced coaches, trainers and consultants is waiting to actively support clients in meeting these challenges and
seizing opportunities. Services: Executive Coaching, Entrepreneur Coaching, Career Coaching, Life Coaching,
Assessments, Training, Consulting.

Contact us with your requirements.

Martis d.o.o.

A business consulting company providing services to small and medium-sized companies. Our mission is to provide
long term, high-quality services to help companies solve business problems. Our continued client growth shows
evidence of our successes and affords us greater impetus for the future. Our main activities: Business Consulting,
Financial Management, Accounting, Law, Legislation, Taxes, Duties, Company Organisation and Start-Up, Marketing
and Business Plans, Logistics and Trade Regulations.

Contact us with your requirements.

Majestic International Investments

Provides business consultancy services for international companies venturing into the Turkish-Market.  Services
include: Institutional consulting, Management consulting, Business development and commercial lobbying, Project
Management. With supporting activities covering: Market Entry Feasibility Studies, Distributor/Partner Search,
Acquisition and Joint Venture Assistance, Setting up Office, Localisation Services and Governmental Support
Bureaucratic Lobbying, Help with negotiations, Managing a distributor or agent and Marketing services.

Contact us with your requirements.

Zanzibar Business & Academic Consultancy (ZABACCO)

Offering special expertise that blends successful entrepreneurial experience, academic insight and practical
business analysis. It is particularly dedicated to addressing the needs in Business, Environment, Toxicology and
Research. The firm has the insight, knowledge and skills to contribute toward our clients entrance to the Tanzanian
market, becoming more flexible, customer orientated, dynamic and successful organisations and we practice what
we preach. We are one of the rare organisations with a steadfast commitment to excellence in East Africa.

Contact us with your requirements.
Content: All rights reserved International Corporate Partner Resource 1200 Limited ("ICPR 1200")

LA Consulting Oy Ltd.

Serving entities seeking to determine new routes to market, and sourcing products in line with predetermined
sectors. LA-Consulting Ltd operates in various areas of business development, such as market research, financing,
business plans and defining new partnerships. The company was established in 1996 and has a network of
business professionals in Scandinavia and the Baltic States (see above). Our team helps international companies
operate in Scandinavia, and the Baltic States, by linking them to existing local networks, utilising our market
knowledge and contacts. Present key markets, in which our clients operate, include: mobile technology, engineering,
media, design, clothing and publishing. If you are looking for potential partnerships in these sectors, or any other
sector, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us with your requirements.
Company Number: 06919078
D-U-N-S® Number 211663656
EORI Registered Company

Anteea Consulting

Offers a complete business and marketing service, including research and market opportunity confirmation, market
assessment, market entry strategies and planning, recommendation and negotiation with potential business
partners, as well as full marketing communication support for companies interested in entering the Romanian

Contact us with your requirements.

G.R.B. Consultants

Serving entities seeking to enter the India market. Maintenance of an excellent network of CA's, Legal Advisors,
Advertising and Marketing resources, as well as routes to distribution and sourcing.

Contact us with your requirements.

Grupo 4S SA de CV

Mexican consultancy providing business services to national and international clients in:
Marketing, Sales Consulting, Project Implementation, Sourcing Assistance, FDI
Assessment, International Business Assessment, Recruitment etc.

Companies requiring assistance in investment processes within Latin American countries
(especially in Central America), can be helped, either through direct services, or through
one of our Latin American partners.

Contact us with your requirements.


Does your company need to import goods from, or outsource production to Asia? For most companies, there is good
economic benefit to be gained, however, there are many difficulties to overcome before your company reaches the
point of success with import and outsourcing. IMEXED can guide your company through the entire process, from the
first product design, to the freight of the finished product.

Key services in 1. Outsourcing: We can be of assistance, if your company are in need of, a) establishing new sources
for production; b) relocating part of your production; c) outsourcing product manufacturing. Our technical department
can assist you with design, product development, documentation and legal documents. 2. Planning the Right
Strategy: Take advantage of our experience, and leave the fieldwork to us. We can perform frequent quality control,
according to specified ISO standards. 3. Use IMEXED to import from Asia without running the well-known risks
associated with unknown Asian suppliers, and common difficulties of communication.

Contact us with your requirements.